Updated feature: Timeline embeds

Yesterday we released an improved version of our timeline embed code. I would like to take you through some of the benefits that this upgraded version provides.

New design

You can now embed the new and improved timeline design. This new design vastly improves the user experience on touch-based devices such as phones and tablets.

List view

You now have a choice to embed timelines in list view. This is a feature that a lot of people have requested and I'm happy to finally graduate this from beta to a full public release.


We have replaced our object-based plugin method with an iframe-based approach. This change provides a couple of major benefits:

  • Adds iOS web support.
  • Adds support for devices and desktop computers that don't have Flash Player installed.
  • Can now be embedded on iframe-exclusive external services such as blogs hosted on Wordpress.com.

We will continue to support our old object-based embed approach for quite some time. This means you have plenty of time to switch to the updated version before we start phasing it out.

This improved feature is now available to all of our premium subscribers.