New feature: Signup codes

Today we are releasing a new feature that makes it effortless to add users to your premium account. I'm happy to announce the immediate release of our new signup codes feature.

Many of the teachers and educators using Timetoast have asked for an easier way to add students to their accounts and I'm happy to say that going forwards this couldn't be easier.

Previously, our premium account holders were able to manually add and remove user accounts - and they still can - but we've now added easy-as-toast signup codes too! This process takes just seconds for both teachers and students.

All you need to do is create a group and write the code on your whiteboard. That's it.

Your students just click the 'Sign up' button and fill in the code. They'll be taken to a registration page to choose a username and password and then they'll automatically become members of the group you've chosen.

I'm glad that reducing the friction of new student sign ups will let teachers focus on what they do best; teaching.

As always, we don't ask for any personally identifiable information for accounts created in this way. You won't be prompted to provide your real name or email; just a username and password so you can sign in. This means that the accounts you create can still be used by your younger students too.

I hope you'll agree that this is a great new feature and I look forward once again to welcoming the thousands of teachers, and students, that sign up for a Timetoast account each school term.